Donate to the Laguna Foundation

As a member or donor, you will play a critical role in the success of our restoration, research and education programs.

For every $1,000 we raise, the Foundation is able to do one of the following:

  • Plant 100 trees and shrubs to restore the Laguna’s riparian forests and oak woodlands, thus restoring wildlife habitat and biodiversity and improving water quality.
  • Staff and students interns carry out conservation management activities at 10 vernal pool sites for one season by monitoring endangered plants and hand-removing non-native plants.
  • Take 40 elementary school children on a field trip to the Laguna and teach them about the Laguna’s unique wetland ecosystem and the plants and animals that comprise it.


If you prefer to send a donation by check, please mail it to:
Laguna Foundation, 900 Sanford Road, Santa Rosa, CA 95401, or contact us at (707) 527-9277.

Thanks in advance for your support of this organization.