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There are many ways to learn about the Laguna and connect to nature right from your own home! Enjoy one of our previously aired webinars. Gather the kids, step outside and try some of the activities described in the Learning Laguna magnified articles. We are also sharing publications that you can print at home and take along during your next outing. And, have a look at our Earth Day, Every Day flyers for empowering actions you can take to reduce air, land and water pollution in our watersheds.



Waterfowl of the Laguna de Santa Rosa & the Pacific Flyway
Webinar with Dave Barry

Original air date: Thursday, February 11, 2021

Ducks, geese, wonderful waterfowl! Learn about how the Laguna de Santa Rosa is an important stopover along the Pacific Flyway for thousands of migrating ducks and other water-loving birds during the winter. Learn cool facts, like the difference between “dabbling" and “diving” ducks, how far geese migrate, and how to tell the difference between male and female waterfowl. We will also talk about some of the challenges that these birds face, as well as conservation success stories.

Migración: cómo conectan el mundo los pájaros (Migration: How Birds Connect the World)
Programa bilingue en Español e Ingles (Bilingual Program in Spanish and English)

Original air date: Thursday, February 4, 2021

¡Acompáñenos para un programa virtual divertido diseñado para toda la familia sobre pájaros! ¿Sabías que los pájaros migran miles de millas sobre montañas, mares y hasta continentes? ¡Algunos de estos pájaros migrantes pasan por aquí en el condado de Sonoma! Aprenda más sobre los viajes maravilloso de nuestros amigos plumados y que tenemos en común con ellos en este programa bilingüe con Irma Cuevas y Allison Titus.

Join us for this fun online program for the whole family all about birds! Did you know many birds migrate thousands of miles across mountain ranges, oceans, and continents? Some of these birds stop here in Sonoma County! Learn more about the amazing journeys of our feathered friends and what we have in common in this bilingual program with Irma Cuevas and Allison Titus.

Inseparable: Water, Wetlands, and Life
Webinar with Anne Morkill, Executive Director, and Christine Fontaine, Director of Education

Original air date: Tuesday, February 2, 2021

World Wetlands Day 2021 is particularly special to Sonoma County because it marks ten years since the Laguna de Santa Rosa was first designated as a Wetland of International Importance under the United Nations’ Ramsar Convention. During this informative and visually beautiful presentation, we will explore the critical role of wetlands on a global scale and journey across a diversity of wetland habitats through the US, California, and the Bay Area to our own Laguna de Santa Rosa.

Birding to Beat the Winter Blues Series Event: Breaking into Birdwatching
Webinar with Miles and Teresa Tuffli

Original air date: Friday, January 29, 2021

Calling all new birders, bird-curious folks, or seasoned birders looking to refresh! Miles and Teresa Tuffli are back with us again to teach how to break into the world of birdwatching. Start your new year with tips on how to grow your birdwatching abilities, and keep learning. Discover the best places and times to look for birds and how to locate them. Learn the art of HOW to look at a bird, including the most important things to notice when you see one you don’t recognize. They’ll give you tips on using binoculars, getting the most out of your field guide, and even how to start birding by ear! To wrap up, they’ll analyze photographs of some common birds in Sonoma County to demonstrate how to look at a bird you’re hoping to identify.

Birding to Beat the Winter Blues Series Event: Bird-Noticing and the Power of Attention
Online Q&A with Jenny Odell, New York Times Bestselling Author

Original air date: Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Jenny Odell, New York Times bestselling author of “How to Do Nothing: Resisting the Attention Economy” will kick off our winter series “Birding to Beat the Winter Blues” with a candid Q&A with Allison Titus, Community Education Manager. We discuss the practice of birdwatching (or “bird-noticing, as Odell calls it), the power of attention, and the lessons we can learn from listening to and observing the natural world.

Kayaking the Laguna
Webinar with Allison Titus, Community Education Manager

Working Lands of the Laguna Watershed
Panel Discussion with the Laguna Foundation, Sonoma RCD, and Sonoma Ag + Open Space

A Stunning Visual Tour of Native Wildflower Meadows
Webinar with Rob Badger and Nita Winter

Photographing Wildfire
Webinar with Jerry Dodrill

Fall Garden Conversations: Low Water, Low Maintenance Landscapes
Webinar with Laguna Foundation, Daily Acts, CNPS Milo Baker, and the Habitat Corridor Project

Early Career Conservationists of Sonoma County Panel Discussion
With Alba K Estrada López, Elias Lopez, Luis Morales, Josh Nuzzo, Asa Voight, and Allison Titus

A Match Made in Evolution: Plants and Pollinators
With Caprice Disbrow, Botanist and Instructor at Santa Rosa Junior College

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Learning Laguna Magnified

Our Learning Laguna school program has been teaching 2nd-4th grade students about the Laguna ecosystem since 1999. Through both a docent-led classroom visit and Laguna field trip students come to know and appreciate their home environment. Here are some of the fun learning activities we use with the kids to deepen their connection to the natural world.

Vol. 1 - Explore three easy and instant activities you can do solo or with your whole family, inside and outside.

Vol. 2 - Simple tips and techniques for starting a nature journaling practice of your own. This activity can also help kids practice their scientific observation skills every day!

Vol. 3 - Nurture your child's innate sense of curiosity and wonder by venturing into the world of birds!



Birds Checklist for the Laguna de Santa Rosa (2nd Edition)
A Laguna Foundation publication, edited by Lisa Hug with illustrations by John Muir Laws.

We invite you to download and print out a copy of our best selling Birds Checklist for the Laguna de Santa Rosa. This bird guide is the perfect place to record and keep track of all your Laguna bird sightings throughout the year. The checklist includes seasonal abundance and breeding status for 229 species that have been observed utilizing Laguna habitats.

Hard copies of the Birds Checklist can also be purchased from our online store.


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